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Sales Management. Simplified.

The Straight Truth About Getting Exceptional Results From Your Sales Team

By Mike Weinberg
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Sales Management. Simplified. by Mike Weinberg

Sales Management. Simplified. (2016) takes a critical look at today’s troubled sales departments and offers a comprehensive plan on how to inject energy and vitality into your sales team. It runs through the most common and chronic problems and provides practical advice that any manager can follow to avoid pitfalls and turn a sleepy sales department into a strong and unified team.

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Successful managers and sales teams need to avoid unproductive distractions and tasks.

How do you become an excellent sales manager? Well, it all begins by asking yourself two basic questions:

  • Which task receives most of my time and effort?
  • And: Is this task a primary contributor to my results?

Managers are often overwhelmed by unnecessary meetings and tasks that aren’t directly related to helping their team sell. More often than not, days are filled with tasks that do nothing to drive revenue, which should always be the primary concern.

The author spoke to one sales manager who explained how he once spent a day helping the maintenance crew set up a reception area for clients instead of getting his staff ready for the event.

This kind of situation is common, and if sales managers aren’t strict about dedicating most of their time to sales-related tasks, all those non-sales-related tasks can easily eat up the workweek.

Another primary distraction is customer relationship management (CRM) software, which captures and analyzes customer data and which can be helpful in maintaining customer retention.

Although it can help sales teams stay connected with their customers, CRM software won’t fix an unproductive sales team. In fact, it can even harm performance as it can shift a sales manager’s focus onto the software and away from the team. This results in managers spending most of their time reminding staff about data entry, which gives everyone the impression that updating the system is more important than the real job of sales.

An overreliance on CRM, as well as an overuse of email, can also lead to team managers avoiding the most effective means of communication: face-to-face meetings. Make no mistake, there is no replacement for the value of one-on-one meetings, regular team meetings and spending time in the field with salespeople.

Imagine how well a baseball team would do if the coach spent each day sitting in an office and only communicated with texts and emails. That team is all but guaranteed to lose.

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