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Sam Horn
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POP! by Sam Horn

This book shows you how to craft messages and ideas that stick in the minds of your audience because they are Popular, Original and Pithy. Author Sam Horn offers a highly adaptable and systematic approach to creating pitches, titles and taglines that grasp people’s attention and win them over to your brand, product or idea.

Who should read these blinks?
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to sell
  • Anyone who has to deliver professional pitches or create titles or taglines
  • Anyone who wants to share their ideas and make them stick
Who wrote the book?

Sam Horn, communication expert and founder of Intrigue Agency, is widely known for her award-winning speeches and highly interactive workshops on effective communication. An expert on branding and innovation, she has written books such as INTRIGUE and Tongue Fu!, and worked as a pitch coach for Springboard Enterprises, helping entrepreneurs design and deliver effective pitches.

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