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How People-Centric Organizations Succeed in a Social World

By Jamie Notter and Maddie Grant
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Humanize by Jamie Notter and Maddie Grant

In this practical guide for both business owners as well as employees, leading organization consultants Jamie Notter and Maddie Grant offer important tips for how to “humanize” corporations on both a cultural and organization level — all in order to position the company for effective growth in the social media age.

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Social media has revolutionized the way we do business.

Over the past few years, social media has become all-pervasive. And in the process, it has transformed the way we interact with each other.

But social media hasn’t only changed our personal relationships, it’s also had a profound impact on the business world in several crucial ways.

First of all, social media makes it harder for companies to control their brand images. Before the dawn of social media, companies managed their brands by developing a marketing strategy based on market research; if anything went wrong, businesses would rely on PR spokespeople to release slick statements.

Today, however, companies have to contend with word-of-mouth marketing. Pretty much anyone with access to Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and other platforms can broadcast opinions about a brand.

These platforms have not only minimized the control companies have over their brands, they’ve also transformed the processes businesses use to get their messages out.

Earlier, when just a few forms of traditional media (newspapers, magazines, television) dominated broadcasting, all businesses had to do communicate with their customers was to place the right message on the right channel.

But because of the emergence of real-time communication platforms like Twitter (which can report news much faster than traditional media outlets), traditional media is all but obsolete today.

And finally, social media has impacted the business world in one more important respect: these new technologies have disrupted the way industries are structured.

So in the past, trade organizations and other professional associations functioned by offering benefits such as education, networking and advocacy in exchange for regular dues.

But now, people use social media to network online for free — which has lessened the influence of traditional organizations and irrevocably changed entire industries.

Clearly, the emergence of social media requires businesses to find new ways to connect with customers, but have companies actually been doing so? Keep reading to find out.

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