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Good Works!
Philip Kotler, David Hessekiel and Nancy R. Lee
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Good Works! by Philip Kotler, David Hessekiel and Nancy R. Lee

Good Works! (2012) offers an insightful look into the way doing good can actually help companies prosper. Based on contemporary, real-life examples, it provides business-minded people with the tools and strategies they need to make a difference in the world and turn a profit at the same time.

Who should read these blinks?
  • Anyone who wants to improve the potency of their marketing campaigns
  • Business leaders, CEOs and board members
  • Members of nonprofit organizations who want to learn about how business and charity can work together for the common good
Who wrote the book?

Philip Kotler is an American marketing consultant, professor and author. He has written over 55 books on various marketing-related topics, such as The Ultimate Book of Business Gurus and Business Minds.

David Hessekiel is the president of the Cause Marketing Forum, an organization dedicated to helping businesses and nonprofits come together to improve the world.

Nancy Lee is the founder and president of Social Marketing Services, Inc. She conducts seminars and workshops on social marketing, and is an adjunct faculty member at University of Washington’s Evans School of Public Affairs.


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