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Finding the Next Steve Jobs

How to Find, Keep and Nurture Creative Talent

By Nolan Bushnell
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Finding the Next Steve Jobs by Nolan Bushnell

This book is about the most important element in any business: creativity. Companies need it to succeed, or even just survive. In this book, Nolan Bushnell reflects on his experiences working with people like Steve Jobs to explain how to recruit, retain and nurture creative talent.

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What's in it for me? Learn how to make the most of creative talent.

The pace of the business world is changing rapidly: the only way you can stay ahead is by constantly moving forward. Now – more than ever – creativity is absolutely vital for a successful work environment. If you want your business to succeed, you need to know how to recruit talented and imaginative people, and how to support them once you've got them.

Finding the Next Steve Jobs is about that process. These blinks will teach you how to find creative individuals – sometimes in unusual places. You'll learn how to foster an atmosphere that can support your employees' imaginations, and pave the way for them to realize great ideas. You'll also learn:

  • how hiring high school dropouts exclusively for a month can boost your company;
  • why Atari put couches and showers in their offices;
  • how hiring arrogant or annoying people can be a good idea;
  • why the author hired the inventor of the joystick because of his love for model trains;
  • why you should reward a person's failures;
  • how the Atari employees got one of their best game ideas while at a party; and
  • how managers are most effective when they never say no.
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