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Creative Schools
Ken Robinson and Lou Aronica
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Creative Schools by Ken Robinson and Lou Aronica

Creative Schools (2015) is a guide to transforming education. These blinks break down every aspect of education from its history to the essential needs of students. They also illustrate the ways in which all people can help kids get the schooling they need to succeed in a rapidly transforming world.

Who should read these blinks?
  • Teachers, students and parents
  • Anyone interested in education
  • Anyone who wants a new way of teaching that truly prepares kids for the big challenges to come
Who wrote the book?

Ken Robinson is a writer, international speaker and education advisor. He’s taught pedagogy at the University of Warwick and advised the UK government on arts in schools. In 2006, he delivered TED’s most-watched presentation ever: “How Schools Kill Creativity.”

Lou Aronica is an American editor and publisher who’s written four novels and is the co-author of several works of nonfiction.

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