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Confessions of an Advertising Man

David Ogilvy
Confessions of an Advertising Man by David Ogilvy

Confessions of an Advertising Man (1963) is a collection of advice and techniques for building successful advertising campaigns and agencies. Written in the era of Mad Men, the book is still considered essential reading in the advertising industry, but also provides advice for aspiring managers in any business.

Who should read these blinks?
  • Anyone interested in Ogilvy’s fundamentals of great advertising campaigns
  • Anyone hoping to make a career in advertising
  • Anyone who has ever seen the TV show Mad Men
Who wrote the book?

Considered “the Father of Advertising”, David Ogilvy is hailed as a genius by his clients and a marvelous boss by his staff. The Scotsman dropped out of Oxford and worked as a chef in Paris, a door-to-door salesman in Scotland and a researcher at Dr. Gallup’s Audience Research Institute. He eventually founded and built up one of the world’s most famous advertising agencies, known today as Ogilvy & Mather, which has 450 offices around the world.

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