Clients First: The Two Word Miracle
Joseph Callaway and JoAnn Callaway
Clients First: The Two Word Miracle by Joseph Callaway and JoAnn Callaway

Clients First (2013) reveals how honesty, competence and compassion can become the keys to great success in your company by creating strong and trusting relationships with clients. The authors offer some excellent insights drawn from their own experience, having gone from flat broke to wildly successful real estate agents in just a few years.

Who should read these blinks?
  • Anyone working in real estate
  • Any salesperson who wants to maximize their sales
  • Entrepreneurs hoping to implement a more people-centred approach to their business
Who wrote the book?

Joseph and JoAnn Callaway are real estate agents who managed to reach $1 billion in real estate sales in their first ten years of business. They have sold over 5,000 homes and give talks to various associations and groups from coast to coast.


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