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Do you have a blog, mailing list, or otherwise enormous army of followers? Then we've got something smart for you. With the Blinkist Affiliate Program, you can earn commission by referring your readers and followers to Blinkist. And we're confident it's great for your audience, too: people love Blinkist, so they'll thank you for introducing them to this powerful new way to learn.

Your advantages:

1. Attractive commission

We offer various commission schemes from one-time payouts for sign-ups and sales to long-term revenue share models.

2. Value for your readers through smart advertising

Blinkist is very popular among readers and lifelong learners. Does that sound like the readers of your blog or mailing list, too? Right! That’s why Blinkist is the perfect product to advertise and recommend.

3. High conversion among all platforms

Blinkist's browser-based app works for anyone, no matter which device they're using. Native apps for iOS, Android and Kindle boost retention and long-term revenue.

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