About Blinkist

We read. We write. We code, design, and plan. But we’re all here for one reason: to inspire you to keep learning.

Our story, in a blink
Once upon a time there were four friends. They exchanged notes and book summaries throughout their school years (and aced their exams because of it). Flash forward to 2012 and they’d all gotten jobs and lives and had less time than ever to read. They decided there had to be a better way to learn every day and still keep up with their jobs. And just like that, Blinkist was born! Four years later, we’ve hit a million users and blinked more than 2,500 titles of the world’s best nonfiction, distilling them into key insight summaries you can read in 15 minutes.
We love to
We’re the kids everybody wanted to swap lunch with in the cafeteria. From the weekly CSA box to team lunch, to monthly home-cooked meals, we take eating well seriously.
Nobody’s the boss of us.
Have you heard about Holacracy? That’s how we work. Everybody does what they do best, and everything gets done—no hierarchies, snappy meetings, and lots of room to try new things.
It's serious.
Maybe it’s a startup cliché these days, but we’re okay with that. We love foosball around here and we’ve had the Blinkist World Cup tourneys to prove it. Serious contenders only.
Berlin ist
We hail from everywhere, but for us, Berlin is home. We’ve each got different reasons to love our city—self expression, Club Mate, the endless things to do—but we’re all proud to be Berliners.
We're hiring!
If you think you’d fit right in here, check out our current job listings and say hello.
Ever read 4 books in one day?
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