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Rachel Hill’s Top Reads on Blinkist

9 titles recommended by the author of the Sex Myth
9 Bücher | Empfohlen von Blinkist
The Beauty Myth
Naomi Wolf

The Beauty Myth (1991) will help you understand the anxiety that surrounds women, and the cult of beauty that dominates our society today. It identifies the patriarchal and economic forces that shape the unfair expectations and norms that women face. Learn how we can be...

Marriage, a History
Stephanie Coontz

Marriage, a History (2005) covers the history of the institution of marriage, from its genesis in the Stone Age to its recent crisis.

Modern Romance
Aziz Ansari

The internet and modern technology have revolutionized the way we communicate, learn, work and live. They’ve even revolutionized our concept of love. Modern Romance (2015) explains how our idea of “love” has changed in recent generations, and how you can make the most o...

Come as You Are
Emily Nagoski

Come as You Are (2015) is a scientific guide to the art and beauty of sex. These blinks explain how loving your body and exploring pleasure beyond the confines of social standards can open new doors to ecstatic satisfaction.

The Glass Closet
John Browne

The Glass Closet (2014) details the struggles that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people face in the workplace and how these struggles can be overcome. Importantly, these blinks will show how coming out can change people's lives for the better.

Asking for It
Kate Harding

Asking for It (2015) is about rape culture, the social and cultural practices that normalize rape by diminishing the experiences of victims and vindicating perpetrators. These blinks outline the various manifestations and effects of rape culture, and the steps ...

The Managed Heart
Arlie Russell Hochschild

The Managed Heart (1983) is the seminal sociological text that introduced the concept of emotional labor. These blinks reveal how we adjust our emotions to our advantage in social and professional contexts, and shed light on the risks and consequences of this form of se...

Labor of Love
Moira Weigel

Labor of Love (2016) is your guide to the history of dating. These blinks walk you through the social, cultural and economic shifts that have shaped modern rituals of courtship and explain the curious fads and fashions of flirtation that have come and gone through the a...

The Second Sex
Simone de Beauvoir

The Second Sex (1949), an 800-page feminist classic, explains how woman has been shaped into the “Other,” second sex – the negative counterpart to man. By examining history, myths, biology and life experience, de Beauvoir paints a clear picture of why woman is subjugate...

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