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Level up the smart way.
Meet your team’s personal learning assistant. We do the reading—you do the succeeding.
Imagine having an in-house research team to boost each of your employees. What couldn’t you achieve together?
Blinkist transforms the world’s best nonfiction books into 15-minute reads made for mobile devices. Now, all the new concepts, all of the insights, and all of the inspiration from top leaders & thinkers are at your team’s service.
Team memberships get you:
Unlimited access
Choose from 2100+ titles from business, marketing, leadership, productivity, and beyond.
On-the-go learning
Take it anywhere: applications for all major platforms: iOS, Android, and Web.
Premium features
Listen to audio summaries, read them on your Kindle, and export your highlights to Evernote.
Give instant access to powerful ideas from today’s bestsellers
Our experts read 1,000 books a year and distill their key insights into meaningful, actionable, 15-minute reads for whatever mobile device your team likes best.
Fill in skill gaps and help your team stay sharp
In a world of constant change, it’s learning that makes the winners. With Blinkist, your team can choose a broad topic like social marketing or sales, or pick and choose book summaries that suit their personal learning goals.
Turn every moment into a learning opportunity
With Blinkist, huge gains take just a little time. We break down big ideas into small increments, so at coffee, during downtime, or on the way to work, no moment is too small to learn something new.
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