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Your Financial Freedom Playbook

Von Tony Robbins
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Unshakeable von Tony Robbins
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Unshakeable (2017) is a helpful beginner's guide to navigating the murky waters of today’s financial markets. You’ll discover practical rules and a series of core principles that will put you on the right path to making smart investments and improving your financial well-being. Don’t be afraid of the stock market; rather, put it to work for you and your future.

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Compound interest means it’s never too early to invest.

Financial markets can seem so complex and intimidating that one forever balks at the thought of making an investment. So let’s first look at some basic aspects that will make investing more approachable.

To navigate the markets, it’s important to learn to recognize patterns.

Humans have an innate ability to pick up on patterns and time their actions accordingly. Long ago we recognized the regular change in seasons, which allowed us to successfully plant the right crops at the right times.

A financial market is similar: through observations, you can recognize patterns and find the right time to make an investment.

One basic pattern has to do with compound interest, the money that gets added to the initial sum of your savings and which, over time, continues to add value to an investment. Because of compound interest, you should start taking a portion of your paycheck and investing it as soon as you can; the more years that go by, the bigger the value will be.

For example, let’s say that every year since your nineteenth birthday you’ve taken a total of $3,600 from your earnings and invested it. According to the average return of the US stock market for the past century, that means your investment will grow by 10 percent each year. So, by your thirty-fifth birthday, you’ll be looking at an investment that’s worth $106,782.

Now, let’s say you decide to wait until you’re 27 to make this investment; by the time you’re 35, that amount will only add up to $53,775.

That’s almost exactly half of what you would have had by starting eight years earlier. Clearly, it’s worth getting started as soon as possible.

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