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Jim Rohn

Timeless Wisdom and Practical Strategies to Find True Fulfillment

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Leading an Inspired Life by Jim Rohn is a book that teaches us how to live a life that is full of purpose and passion. It offers practical advice and valuable insights on personal development and achieving success.


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    It starts with self-discipline

    What quality separates the successful few from the many? The secret ingredient is habit, and the first of these transformative habits is self-discipline.

    You’ve heard about discipline, but here are a few tips to push you into the realm of sustained accomplishment.

    People don’t fail because they did something wrong. They fail because they did many things wrong over a long period of time. Fail to do the small things over a day, a week, a month, a year, and you’ll ruin your life.

    Say you decide to save $100 every month. The discipline is in the act of paying that amount into your savings account every month. Not meeting your commitment sets you $100 behind. Save $110 and you have a surplus.

    Self-discipline invites multiple rewards. First, you’ll have the security of your savings. Second, you’ll have the interest that accrues on it. Third, it’ll make you feel good and confident, boosting your self-esteem to make you want to repeat the good habit of saving.

    Self-discipline is therefore an act of doing what you say you will do. With this in mind, follow these steps to achieve discipline.

    Start by recognizing the central role discipline plays in personal transformation. Then proceed to find the things you need to put in order. Being aware of what you need to improve will inspire you to work on it. Passion is not enough – you must be deliberate and act daily to maintain and improve your good habits. 

    Make a commitment to be on top of whatever’s going on in your life. Maximize opportunities when they arise. Bad things will happen, but good habits will place you in a position where you can minimize or exploit setbacks.

    One more thing – start today! Start now with the smallest things. Organize your desk; fold and place your clothes in the drawer. Small, consistent acts will boost your confidence and transfer your newfound self-discipline into other aspects of your improving life. Finding discipline will prepare you for the next big step.

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    Worum geht es in Leading an Inspired Life?

    Leading an Inspired Life (1996) is a philosophy that will transform your life and business. It’s a credo that will help you attain inner fulfillment, financial independence, and the opportunity to elevate your lifestyle while positively contributing to society.

    Bewertung von Leading an Inspired Life

    Leading an Inspired Life (1997) by Jim Rohn is a book that explores the keys to living a fulfilled and meaningful life. Here's why this book is worth reading:

    • Packed with practical wisdom and insights, it offers guidance on how to set and achieve goals that align with your passions and values.
    • Through compelling stories and personal experiences, Rohn demonstrates the power of mindset and self-discipline in creating a life of purpose and fulfillment.
    • From finding motivation to overcoming obstacles, the book provides actionable strategies for personal growth and success, ensuring readers are engaged and inspired throughout.

    Wer Leading an Inspired Life lesen sollte

    • Anyone who wants to be happy and successful
    • Those trying to start or elevate a business
    • People trying to increase their value in the marketplace

    Über den Autor

    Jim Rohn was the precursor to modern motivational speakers, including Tony Robbins, whom Rohn mentored. Born into a poor family, the farm boy from Idaho transformed himself from a broke clerk to a millionaire by age 31. He lost his fortune, learned his lessons, and bounced back. Rohn was an early adopter of technology, using audio and video to amplify messages in popular titles like The Art of Exceptional Living, The Power of Ambition, and The Day that Turns Your Life Around.

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    Leading an Inspired Life FAQs 

    What is the main message of Leading an Inspired Life?

    The main message of Leading an Inspired Life is finding meaning and fulfillment through personal growth and contribution.

    How long does it take to read Leading an Inspired Life?

    The reading time for Leading an Inspired Life varies depending on the reader, but it typically takes a few hours. The Blinkist summary can be read in just 15 minutes.

    Is Leading an Inspired Life a good book? Is it worth reading?

    Leading an Inspired Life is a worthwhile read for anyone seeking personal and professional inspiration. It provides practical insights and strategies for living a purposeful life.

    Who is the author of Leading an Inspired Life?

    The author of Leading an Inspired Life is Jim Rohn.