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Carlos Whittaker

Three Ways to Share Life Beyond What Distracts, Divides, and Disconnects Us

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How to Human by Carlos Whittaker is a relatable and humorous book that shares practical advice for navigating life's ups and downs. It emphasizes the importance of vulnerability, community, and embracing our true selves.


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    Be Human

    Who comes to mind when you think of the best human being you know? Do you think of a family member? A good friend? A celebrity or philanthropist?

    What about Jesus?

    Now, before you make any assumptions here, Whittaker’s message is clear – regardless of whether you believe in the divinity of Jesus, you can use him as a great example of how to human. Although Whittaker himself believes in Jesus, he’s quick to point out that anyone can look at Jesus as just a historical figure and still find a wonderful role model for humaning.

    So what’s so great about Jesus as a human? What is it that we can learn from him?

    For one thing, Whittaker argues, Jesus was entirely himself. He was true to his heart and true to his beliefs. And we can’t be the best human we can be without being true to ourselves.

    But wait, everyone says that – just be true to yourself! But what does it really mean? How can you do that?

    You have to dig inside, beneath any traumas or opinions the years have layered over you, and see who you are at your core. Concrete actions you can take to help figure this out include long hours of journaling, talking to a therapist, or walks in nature allowing your mind to wander. If you haven’t tried any of these activities, give them a go! And if you find that some of them don’t work for you, that’s okay. We’re all unique, and the point of this is to figure out what helps you reconnect to yourself. Maybe it’s long hours fishing instead of journaling, or voicing your thoughts aloud to your dogs or your plants rather than to a therapist. The important thing is to take the time to intentionally delve a little deeper into your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs.

    Another way to connect to yourself is to assess the things that bring you true joy. Whittaker likes to ask himself, When was the last time I jumped for joy? Literally jumped, like a child who’s super excited about a Christmas present.

    Ask yourself – go on, no rush here. Take a moment to consider when you last jumped into the air because you felt so joyous. It’s an important clue as to which direction you might need to course correct to get back to your most authentic, best self.

    So, beyond being true to himself, how was Jesus a great example of how to be a good human?

    If the word compassionate came to mind, you’re right on target!

    Think about the suffering Jesus healed. Or, if you think of him in a more general, historical figure way, think of the compassionate judgments he gave. For instance, when he pardoned a woman caught committing adultery. At the time, the punishment was to be stoned. But Jesus said only those who had themselves committed no sins should throw a stone at the woman. No one could. Ultimately, Jesus told the woman to go back to her life and sin no more.

    We all have this impulse toward compassion wired into our beings. Studies show children have more compassion toward people who don’t look like them than adults do. As we grow, our world puts qualifiers on where we should lend our compassion. Society tells us that some people are less worthy of our compassion than others – often, this has to do with whether someone’s opinions, skin color, or abilities differ from ours.

    Compassion is a compulsion we all grow adept at blocking. To become more human, to get yourself back on track toward the best versions of who you can be, you need to tap into the deep ability for compassion you hold within. You need to be compassion. You need to be your true self.

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    Worum geht es in How to Human?

    How to Human (2023) provides actionable advice on becoming the best version of a human you can be. Discover the innate instincts you hold for connection and compassion, and reconnect with your true self as you learn how to human.

    Wer How to Human lesen sollte

    • Anyone wanting to reconnect with their humanness
    • People looking to renew their faith in humanity
    • Those seeking to become their best self

    Über den Autor

    Carlos Whittaker is a global speaker and podcaster focused on bringing hope and encouragement to people across all walks of life. He refers to his large social media following as the Instafamilia, and he aims to spread community and connection. His other books include Kill the Spider and Enter the Wild.

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