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Adam Markel

Leveraging the Power of Uncertainty to Build Long-Term Resilience

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Change Proof by Adam Markel is a self-help book that guides readers through the process of embracing change and finding resilience in the face of life's challenges. It offers practical advice and tools to help individuals navigate and thrive in an ever-changing world.


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    Prevent fatigue before it starts

    In the extreme conditions of the Alaskan Wilderness, Blair Braverman depends on her dogs’ endurance. Braverman is an American writer and dogsled racer who has competed with her team of Alaskan Malamutes and Huskies in some of the toughest races in the world.

    The secret to finishing these week-long races safely, no matter the weather, is knowing when to take a break. Over the multi-day races, Braverman makes sure both she and her dogs stop to rest long before exhaustion sets in. After all, it’s easier to prevent fatigue than try to recover from it.

    The same principle applies when you’re developing personal resilience. Historically, many have tried to adopt a “grit your teeth and take it” mentality to resilience. Pushing through all challenges without stopping. But this toxic approach isn’t helpful for anyone in the long term. You will, eventually, burn out.

    You need another approach to building resilience, then. Instead of trying to knuckle your way through, real long-term resilience is built on strategic recovery. Like a dog sledding team, you need to build rest into your routines. Without it, your mind and body slow down. Progress grinds to a halt. What matters is not how long you can go without pause, but how far you can go when you’re at your best.

    Recovery gives you the energy and perspective to handle difficulties. It cleans out the stress hormones and negative thought patterns that accumulate through constant pressure. That means you need to do more than just zone out. The best recovery is engaging in activities that nourish you emotionally, socially, spiritually, or physically.

    Burnout prevention takes commitment and courage because when work piles up it can feel “selfish” to take a break. But working yourself to failure isn’t heroic, it’s unsustainable. Busyness isn’t a status symbol. Nurture yourself with the same care you give your most valuable relationships and projects because, in the end, investing in yourself allows you to invest elsewhere.

    Recovery looks different for everyone, and we’ll go into more detail about some options later. For now, the important takeaway is that whatever form it takes, you need to make time for yourself that is a nonnegotiable part of your routine. Intentional recovery is the best and only sustainable way to weather the storms thrown your way.

    There’s always more to do. There’s always further to run. By strategically balancing effort with rest, you’ll have the resilience to reach the finish line.

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    Worum geht es in Change Proof?

    Change Proof (2022) offers strategies for developing resilience to thrive in an uncertain world. Through insightful stories and practical frameworks, it reveals how to build the mental fortitude, self-care routines, and leadership principles that empower individuals and organizations to recover, adapt, and find opportunity in disruption.

    Bewertung von Change Proof

    Change Proof (2021) by Adam Markel is an insightful book that explores the mindset and strategies needed to navigate change and uncertainty effectively. Here's why you should give it a read:

    • With its practical exercises and techniques, the book equips readers with the tools to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing world.
    • Combining personal stories, research, and interviews, it offers a relatable and accessible approach to embracing change.
    • The author's warm and engaging tone keeps readers invested, ensuring that the topic of change remains interesting and engaging throughout.

    Wer Change Proof lesen sollte

    • Leaders overseeing change 
    • Professionals in fast-moving industries 
    • Anyone who wants to build resilience

    Über den Autor

    Adam Markel is a resilience expert, keynote speaker, and successful entrepreneur who has built and led several multi-million dollar companies. His other best-selling books include Pivot and The I Love My Life Challenge.

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    Change Proof FAQs 

    What is the main message of Change Proof?

    Embrace change and become resilient to navigate life's challenges.

    How long does it take to read Change Proof?

    Reading time varies, but reading the Blinkist summary takes just 15 minutes.

    Is Change Proof a good book? Is it worth reading?

    Change Proof is worth reading for its insights into embracing change and building resilience.

    Who is the author of Change Proof?

    The author of Change Proof is Adam Markel.