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Tools of Titans

The Tactics, Routines and Habits of Billionaires, Icons and World-Class Performers

By Tim Ferriss
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Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss

Tools of Titans (2016) details the stories, strategies and successes of some of the most inspirational achievers, thinkers and doers of modern times. These blinks will teach you how to strengthen your body and your mind, all while building your creative business.

“There’s a reason why Tim Ferriss has become such an influential voice when it comes to achieving top performance. He always manages to get the best advice out of such fascinating, impressive people. Even Seth Rogan is in here!” – Ben S. Head of Salad at Blinkist

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Some of the best health tips come from extreme athletes.

Have you heard of obstacle course racing? It’s a new athletic pursuit in which competitors run a course full of different barriers, including walls, bodies of water, barbed wire and even fire.

Although the sport is relatively new, it already has some major stars – and Amelia Boone is one of the most successful.

She’s already placed first in 30 obstacle races and, in 2012, participated in the World’s Toughest Mudder competition, a 24-hour long race without any breaks. Boone covered the 90-mile course, successfully hurdling nearly 300 obstacles. As you can imagine, she has some great tips for how to recover from strenuous activities.

Before every race and training session, she blends beetroot powder with hydrolyzed gelatin, a flavorless nutrient derived from animal products. This simple protein drink regenerates her connective tissues.

Another of Amelia’s tips is to regularly roll your feet over a golf ball. Doing so stimulates the hamstrings, which are one of the most important muscle groups for overall strength and posture.

Or consider another athlete, Wim Hof. His passion for enduring extreme cold even earned him a nickname: “The Iceman.” He’s broken over 20 world records in icy climates, including a 7500-meter climb up Mount Everest in 2007, wearing nothing but shorts and shoes.

To prepare himself for such incredible feats of endurance, Hof sits in an ice bath. But exposure to the cold is nothing new. It’s long been used as a health-boosting measure. Just take surfing champion Laird Hamilton and the self-improvement guru Tony Robbins, both of whom work with cold exposure to increase immune function, promote weight loss and fight depression.

That being said, Hof takes exposure to cold to new levels. For instance, one time he swam across an ice-covered lake. During this stunt, his retinas literally froze. Luckily for him, the damage wasn’t lasting.

Naturally, such extreme activities might not be the best place to start. So, for a gentler introduction, try finishing your daily shower with a 30- to 60-second blast of cold water.

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