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Tiger Woods

By Jeff Benedict, Armen Keteyian
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Tiger Woods by Jeff Benedict, Armen Keteyian

Tiger Woods (2018) takes a look at the life of one of the world’s greatest golfers, starting from his childhood and ending with the extreme ups and downs of his adulthood. It details the intense psychological and physical training that Woods endured as a golfing prodigy, and the way in which the pressure he endured revealed itself in his later life.

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Tiger Woods was primed at a young age to become an incredible golfer.

Born in 1975, Tiger Woods was destined to do one thing: play golf. His training began more or less from day one; his parents ensured that nothing would stand in the way of his success.

At the age of two, Tiger was able to gracefully swing a golf club, which he’d learned from simply observing his father, Earl Woods. There’s no doubt that this influenced his future success, laying down the foundation for an incredible career before he even understood what it was that he was learning.

Repeated exposure to live demonstrations have been shown by neuroscientists to have a big impact on a child’s development. By the age of one, Tiger had already spent 100-200 hours observing his father’s technique. At 11 months, Tiger grabbed the tiny golf club his dad had crafted for him and headed into the garage to swing at a ball.

At the tender age of two, Tiger was spending two hours per day at the driving range. His dad contacted one of the local news stations and asked reporter Jim Hill to come and take a look at Tiger’s swing. It didn’t take Hill long to realize that there was something special about the little two-year-old. Impressed, Hill decided to put Tiger on his TV program – and Tiger, despite being quiet and shy, left a lasting impression on the audience with his golf swing. At the time, Hill made a prediction: “This young man is going to be to golf what Jimmy Connors and Chris Evert are to tennis.”

The road to success is long and hard, but it can be even tougher with overbearing, relentless parents set on seeing their child reach the top. In the coming blink, we’ll see how Earl Woods was exactly that kind of parent.

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