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The Sales Bible

The Ultimate Sales Resource

By Jeffrey Gitomer
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The Sales Bible by Jeffrey Gitomer

Considered one of "Ten Books Every Salesperson Should Own and Read" by the Dale Carnegie Sales Advantage Program, The Sales Bible (1994, revised 2015) is a classic tome of sales strategy. The book takes an indepth look at the sales practices and techniques the author himself mastered to achieve lasting success in sales.

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Success in sales starts with a positive attitude. Make it a goal to sell with a smile.

In his book, The Strangest Secret, author Earl Nightingale writes, “We become what we think about.”

In other words, our thoughts create our attitude, or the system of beliefs that inspire what we say and what we do.

In sales, it’s not your quick wit or silver tongue that seals the deal, but your attitude.

A number of studies performed across the United States have shown that in fact, a salesperson’s poor attitude is the primary factor for failing to sell.

According to one study, having bad attitude accounted for some 50 percent of situations where a sales deal failed. Following this, poor verbal and written communication skills accounted for 20 percent; poor management for 15 percent; and improper training at 15 percent.

These statistics imply that a change in attitude alone can dramatically improve your sales success rate. But how do you turn your sales “frown” upside down?

Changing your attitude is a matter of discipline. Developing a positive attitude must become what moves you – not something you casually think about but commit and aspire to.

One way to make this more tangible is to write down a mission statement that incorporates your goals and ideas, or anything else you feel is important to you and how you work.

Your statement doesn’t have to be a novel, either. Something like, “My mission is to sell like crazy, help the people around me and have fun doing it” is potent and to the point.

Don’t get too sophisticated; the idea is to give yourself a daily reminder of your aspirations and ideas, something short and catchy that motivates you – not something that puts you to sleep!

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