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The Power of Starting Something Stupid

How to Crush Fear, Make Dreams Happen, and Live Without Regret

By Richie Norton
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The Power of Starting Something Stupid by Richie Norton

The Power of Starting Something Stupid explains why right now is the best time for you to put your fears to bed and chase your dreams. With useful tips about how you can achieve your goals and prevent living in regret, these blinks reveal how seemingly stupid ideas may actually be your key to success and fulfillment.

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If your idea seems a little stupid, it might actually be your best bet for success.

We’ve all been through it: you come up with a great idea and can’t wait to share it with your friends, who promptly crush your enthusiasm by declaring that it’s ridiculous. Don't let it get to you! If you are deeply convinced of it, your “stupid” idea can take you down the path to success and happiness.

In fact, seemingly stupid ideas have often formed some of the world´s leading innovations and businesses. People label new ideas as stupid because of doubt, fear, confusion or lack of understanding. How about “doggles”? – fashion sunglasses made for dogs. Would you have guessed that they’re bringing in around $3 million per year?

The truth is that sometimes the greatest successes come as a total surprise. For example, in 1876, Western Union rejected the telephone, stating that “the device is inherently of no value to us.” Imagine the shock on their faces today!

Many of the world´s leading entrepreneurs had to have their ideas rejected time and time again and, nevertheless, stuck by their goals, recognizing that their apparently stupid idea was not at all like other stupid ideas.

You can make this distinction too, by thinking of those vaguely ridiculous ideas simply as the New Smart. Differentiating between plain dumb ideas and the New Smart is the first step to success. But how?

You’ve got to trust your instincts. There’s no real rational way to determine whether an idea is truly stupid or merely labelled as such. You can only know that you are deeply convinced and strongly believe in it. The former CEO of General Electric, Jack Welch, described this trust by saying: “You know it when you feel it.”

Not only will this trust in your idea help you differentiate between the stupid and the New Smart, it will also give you the courage to go after your idea, even when people tell you not to. The next blink explains why you shouldn’t hesitate over your idea, unless you want to look back on your life with some serious regrets!

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