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The Magic of Thinking Big

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By David J. Schwartz
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The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz

The Magic of Thinking Big (1959) unveils why believing in ourselves is a pivotal key to success, and how we’re each capable of achieving any of the goals we’ve always dreamed of. The author’s methodology is supported by his work as a professor and leadership counselor, as well as by his innumerable interactions with people and businesses that have seen both sides of the success-failure coin.

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If you believe you can accomplish your goals, others will start supporting and believing you too.

Everyone has goals throughout their lives. These range from small tasks, like cleaning out the garage before the weekend, to life-changing achievements, like saving $20,000 in ten years.

When you are ready to start working toward your goals, you may wonder. How do I even begin?

The best approach to overcoming this daunting question is to start by believing in yourself. This means honing a mindset in which you feel 100 percent capable of doing anything you set your mind to.

This works because once you start truly believing you can accomplish something, the mind releases creative power the mental focus necessary for finding ways to accomplish your goals.

The more you believe in yourself, the more creative power is released. This means even the most challenging goals, like becoming vice president of your company, become feasible as long as your level of belief matches the task’s difficulty.

Believing in yourself also creates another great advantage: other people start believing in you too.

This is what a study by the McKinsey Foundation for Management Research found. They interviewed business, government, science and religious leaders to see what types of people they preferred to work with.

And their most desired trait in a candidate?

A sheer desire to get ahead – a trait which is contingent on how much a person believes in themselves.

This desire, or belief, is what societal leaders associate with success. It’s what keeps individuals motivated, regardless of any hurdles they encounter. This is a perfect quality in a candidate because it means they won’t give up.

By simply believing you can succeed, your mental power will shift to help you get the job done, and as a byproduct you’ll create a support system by inspiring others to place confidence in you.

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