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The Artist's Way

A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity

By Julia Cameron
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The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron

Everyone has the potential to create great art. The problem is, we're often held back by our doubts, past experiences and even the people around us. The Artist's Way (1994) is full of advice about connecting with your artistic side so you can realize your creative dreams.

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Connect with your creative side by writing regularly and exploring new things.

If you’re looking to rekindle your creativity, you don't have to start by writing your magnum opus! Instead, start out with some simpler first steps, like writing morning pages.

Morning pages help get your creativity flowing when you first wake up. Just sit down, let your thoughts wander and write whatever comes to mind. Your morning pages don't need to be artistic or brilliant. Think of them as a form of meditation: shut out the outside world and focus on what you're doing right at that moment. If you don't know what to write, write about the fact that you don't know what to write.

When working on your morning pages, aim to suppress the critical, logical part of your brain. Let your artist-brain take over instead. Don't worry about making mistakes or the pressure to write something brilliant. The artist-brain wants to play and experiment – let it go!

You also need to take your artistic side on a date now and then. Schedule an artist date with yourself: set aside a couple of hours per week to focus on your inner artist. Go to the beach, watch an old movie, visit a gallery or just go for a walk. The point is to relax by yourself and allow your mind to drift.

You’ll find that the more you explore yourself and the world around you, the more you connect with your inner artist. That’s why it’s so important to learn as much as you can about yourself and your surroundings. Always seek out new sounds, sights, smells or tastes.

Whether it’s taking a different route back home so you can see a new part of town, or stopping to appreciate the sky at dusk or the flowers on your path to work – explore something new whenever you can!

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