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A Revolutionary Approach to Getting Stronger, Happier, Braver, and More Resilient

By Jane McGonigal
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SuperBetter by Jane McGonigal

SuperBetter (2015) teaches you how to overcome major challenges by harnessing the power of games. Whether you’re getting over an illness, writing a novel or trying to become a vegetarian, the game of SuperBetter can revolutionize your life and get you where you want to go.

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SuperBetter is a game that helps you overcome challenges and grow stronger as a person.

Have you ever heard of SuperBetter?

It’s a game created by the author, who came up with the idea while recovering from a brain injury. During her recovery, she realized that she didn’t just want to get better, she wanted to be even better than she was before the injury – superbetter! So she created a game to help her get there.

Games make it fun and exciting to overcome challenges. And they can even alleviate stress and interpersonal problems! SuperBetter is literally designed to empower you and give you more control over your life whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed by illness or any other serious problem.

SuperBetter works because of two human phenomena: post-traumatic growth and post-ecstatic growth.

Trauma doesn’t necessarily lead to long-term emotional or mental problems. In fact, trauma can usher in a life that’s happier and more fulfilling than the one you had before! That’s how post-traumatic growth works.

You don’t need trauma to experience personal growth, however. If you overcome challenges you set for yourself, such as running a marathon or quitting smoking, you can undergo post-ecstatic growth.

Post-traumatic growth and post-ecstatic growth are forms of positive development that you experience during difficult times. And, if you follow the seven steps outlined in the SuperBetter method, you’ll stand a much better chance of growing. These steps, the effectiveness of which has been thoroughly tested and proved, will help you build physical resilience, mental resilience, emotional resilience and social resilience. Read on to learn more about these terms – and why games are so good at helping you build them!

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