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Rule #1

The Simple Strategy For Successful Investing In Only 15 Minutes Every Week

By Phil Town
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Rule #1 by Phil Town

Investing isn’t just for experts. Really, anyone can become a savvy investor without even studying finance. Rule #1 teaches you all the specific qualities to look for in a company, along with some simple calculations you can make yourself in order to choose the most promising stocks.

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Contrary to popular myths, you don’t have to be an expert to be a great investor, and it is possible to beat the market.

It’s common knowledge that you'd be remiss to invest without consulting a financial expert, right? Well, the notion that managing money demands both time and expertise isn’t exactly accurate.

You don't actually need to have depth of knowledge and all the tricks of a professional financial adviser. You just need a few good tactics.

Fortunately, today the internet has the tools and knowledge you need, at minimal costs. Information and tools such as stocks’ histories and statistic calculators can make a lot of the work easier for you. For instance, websites such as MSN Money, Yahoo! Finance and CNN Money have data on thousands of stocks and the site has several investment calculators.

Thanks to technology, these tools are actually far more accurate than anything experts had ten years ago.

Aside from these tools, you also need to know that you really can beat the market. To do so, you must sell stocks for far more or buy for far less than their real market value.

Yet, according to the prominent Efficient Market Theory (EMT) you can’t do this, as everything that can be known about a company is already figured into the price. Thus, stock prices can’t be too high or low.

But this is wrong.

Many of us recall the bubble in the nineties, where, contrary to EMT assumptions, prices were far above their real market worth for some years, only to plummet dramatically afterwards. Additionally, Warren Buffett showed that at least 20 investors were able to beat the market for over 20 years.

So cast aside the myths of expert help and an unbeatable market because, thanks to the internet and the strategies in these blinks, you can make great investments yourself.

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