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By Robert Greene
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Mastery by Robert Greene

In Mastery (2012), author Robert Greene argues and illustrates that everybody can achieve mastery of a skill or field if they follow the established steps of historical and present-day masters. Based on interviews and studies of some of the best in their respective fields, Greene provides a diverse array of tips and strategies on how to become a master.

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Each of us has an inner calling which guides us towards our vocation in life – a discipline or field that we wish to master.

Have you ever had the feeling that a discipline or field was tailor-made just for you, and that working in that field is your destiny?

You need to trust that feeling!

Each of us is unique – an original, through and through. Due to the endless possible combinations of DNA in our bodies, we are a one-off phenomenon; like snowflakes, no two humans are exactly alike.

So why is it, then, that we don’t all act unique?

Due to incredible social pressure to blend in, we suppress our uniqueness in the vain hope that just doing what everyone else does will keep us out of trouble.

While adopting this “disguise” might have its advantages, it’s actually our uniqueness as individuals which spurs us to find our inner calling.

In fact, many of history’s geniuses experienced a moment of clarity when everything “clicked into place” and they suddenly knew what they wanted to do in their life. Many of them felt that, during their entire lives, a force had guided them towards a certain field.

For Leonardo Da Vinci, this “clicking moment” was when he stole sheets of paper from his father’s office so that he could indulge his deep fascination and sketch animals in the forest.

And for others, such moments are even experienced in the form of an “inner voice” – as is the case with profoundly religious Christians who reported hearing the voice of God telling them to use their lives to pursue a specific task.

Rather than using your energy to blend in with the crowd, recognise instead that you’re unique, and that you have a specific calling in life which can be found quite simply by listening to – and following – your inner voice.

In the next blinks you’ll find out exactly how you can follow that inner voice.

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