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Magic Words

The Science and Secrets Behind 7 Words That Motivate, Engage, and Influence

By Tim David
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Magic Words by Tim David

Magic Words (2014) discusses seven words that will motivate people into action. You need people to work with you, no matter your goals, and these blinks offer advice on building meaningful connections and getting your friends and colleagues to work with you on what you want.

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Magic words connect you with others by motivating them.

What’s a magic word? Maybe words like “Abracadabra” or “Alakazam” come to mind – but, outside the realms of fiction and illusion, “magic word” means something entirely different.

Magic words motivate others, and thus make you a more effective communicator. And, of course, communication is key no matter what you want out of life, whether your dream is starting a business or devoting yourself to raising your children.

Yes, you can try to force people to do what you want, but that rarely works. After all, people don’t like to be bossed around. That’s why it’s important to motivate their actions – and that’s where magic words come in.

Furthermore, magic words help you express yourself more clearly. There’s a lot to consider when you’re trying to influence other people. In fact, Albert Mehrabian, a noted psychologist, wrote in 1967 that words only constitute about seven percent of what we communicate – the rest is body language and tone of voice.

Luckily, magic words are here to help. They’ll improve your communication, making your speech clearer even if your body language and tone aren’t perfect.

A word of warning, however: magic words only work when they go hand in hand with a strong, positive human connection. We increasingly communicate with each other in cold and unfriendly ways. So you have to start caring more about other people if you hope to get them to cooperate with you and help you work toward your goals.

So what are the magic words? Read on to find out.

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