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Idea to Execution

How to Optimize, Automate and Outsource Everything in Your Business

By Ari Meisel and Nick Sonnenberg
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Idea to Execution by Ari Meisel and Nick Sonnenberg

Based on the true story of two friends who founded a company overnight with zero cash investment and built it up over the following year, Idea to Execution (2016) is about the everyday challenges entrepreneurs face when launching a start-up. These blinks show you the steps to success, from sketching a business plan to putting tools in place that optimize your company’s performance numbers.

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It’s possible to start a company in just 24 hours if you need to seize an opportunity while it’s hot.

Many people believe that starting a company requires years of careful planning and diligent market research. But sometimes it’s best to seize an idea spontaneously and run with it.

While it might sound crazy, it’s possible to bring a start-up to life in just 24 hours. This isn’t mere hyperbole, as it’s been done!

In August 2015, authors Ari Meisel and Nick Sonnenberg were having dinner when they came up with an idea: a company that provided virtual assistants. Both friends had extensive expertise in maximizing business efficiency and productivity, so it seemed quite feasible.

Just one day later, their business was up and running.

How did they realize their idea so rapidly? And why did they feel the need to act immediately?

Their timing was propitious, as Zirtual, one of the largest US-based virtual assistant firms, had just folded. This left 2,500 clients without assistants and 400 assistants without a job. Ari and Nick saw the opportunity of a lifetime – but only if they responded quickly.

The authors knew they had a narrow window of opportunity. This is, of course, true for all start-ups, regardless of industry. Savvy entrepreneurs know to grab an opportunity while it’s hot.

The duo that night made a quick sketch of their virtual assistant business. Their first clients and assistants were secured from the Zirtual fallout. Within 24 hours, their company, Less Doing Virtual Assistants, was up and running, using free online tools and apps as infrastructure. They didn’t need a penny to get started, and their business was scalable and profitable from day one.

Over the year, Ari and Nick consolidated their company, dealing with challenges as they arose. These blinks tell the story of that adventurous year.

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