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The New Management System that Redefines Management

By Brian J. Robertson
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Holacracy by Brian J. Robertson

Holacracy (2015) describes a revolutionary new management system championed by some of today’s most forward-thinking companies, like Zappos and Medium. These blinks explain how authority and responsibility are defined and distributed within a Holacracy – and why this system leads to a more effective and dynamic organization.

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What’s in for me? Implement Holacracy in your organization and watch productivity skyrocket.

Have you heard of Holacracy? It is the revolutionary new management system perfectly suited to the modern, rapidly changing, dynamic business world. Holacracy is not a top-down, inflexible hierarchy, nor a rudderless flat system, but something in between – mixing agility with clear direction.

We at Blinkist know how powerful Holacracy can be: since implementing it within our organization, productivity has exploded, everyone feels more motivated and nobody complains about going to too many meetings.

These blinks, based on the work of the inventor of Holacracy, show you how you can begin to implement Holacracy in your organization too.

In the blinks, you’ll discover

  • why you should “check in” to all your meetings;
  • why you should split your company into circles; and
  • how any tension within your business can be resolved.
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