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Deep Nutrition

Why Your Genes Need Traditional Food

By Catherine Shanahan, M.D., Luke Shanahan
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Deep Nutrition by Catherine Shanahan, M.D., Luke Shanahan

Deep Nutrition (2008) is about modern diets and how they’re making people sick. These blinks explain the danger of industrially produced food, what it’s doing to our bodies and how we can return to an earlier way of eating that will keep us healthier for years to come.

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Despite incredible developments in medicine, our health is declining.

Our grandparents’ generation is living longer than just about every generation before them, but, unfortunately, that doesn’t mean we can count on such longevity.

While the octogenarians of today benefited from breakthroughs in modern medicine such as the development of antibiotics, the health of younger generations is not maintaining this upward trend. Rather, people today are experiencing age-related medical issues from a younger age than their parents and grandparents.

For instance, through her practice, Catherine, one of the authors, encounters people as young as 40 who are already mired in cardiovascular issues and joint problems. The parents of these patients didn’t have to deal with such ailments until they were much older.

So, why is this happening?

In large part, it’s because prior generations ate more healthily. Their diets consisted of more natural foods and they had fewer of the processed options available to us today. Fundamentally, because of the industrialization of food production, and a misplaced fear of saturated fat and cholesterol, we’ve slowly replaced natural foods, like eggs, cream and liver, with processed, nutrient-poor options that are high in sugar and other detrimental components.

A good example is the way we’ve replaced butter, which is loaded with beneficial fats, with margarine made out of artificial trans fats. These trans fats have been linked to a variety of health issues like atherosclerosis.

Furthermore, nowadays we put more faith in artificially produced vitamins and supplements for our health, than in getting these necessary substances from beneficial food. This is not surprising, given that medical schools don’t teach their students a single useful thing about nutrition.

Rather than learning how to identify the cause of problems, prospective physicians are simply taught to treat issues as they arise. Because of this, lots of doctors don’t pay attention to the power of nutrition and are quick to recommend artificial vitamin supplements instead of nutritive food.

But the good news is that, by eating foods that people ate in the past and skipping the industrial food products of modern times, you can treat the very root of your wellbeing problems. In the next blink, you’ll learn how.

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